At BrainWorks Media we specialize in multimedia solutions for small and mid-sized corporations and educational organizations.  Thanks for stopping by.

Our Services


We work with you to analyze, design and develop a program for your target audience. Program development specific to your needs is the most impactful service we provide.

Corporate Multimedia

We create media for product marketing, live events, testimonials, training and internal communications. 


We produce interactive curriculum for students, teachers and professional development, as well as explainer videos and corporate training. 

Delivery & Assessment

From Jumbotrons to mobile devices (and everything in between), we deliver engaging content and help you measure the results.


  • lobo montage for BWM150-5
  • lobo montage for BWM150-6
  • lobo montage for BWM150-4
  • lobo montage for BWM150-3
  • lobo montage for BWM150-2
  • lobo montage for BWM150-1
  • lobo montage for BWM150-7

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