From Concept to Completion


Developing a video project is much more than scripting, budgeting, and scheduling. We start with content marketing research to find out who your audience is, where they are online, and what their interests are, as well as benchmark your competition. We look at your branding and social media strategy and discuss your goals and success criteria.  We take all of that into consideration and collaboratively come up with a concept; the Big Idea of the project. Then we can finally get into the scripting, budgeting, and scheduling (along with the dozens of over logistical pre-production details).



Your production can be as simple as a one man crew, or as complex as multi-camera full scale production in studio or in the field.  We are meticulous in our pre-production and handle everything  from casting, to location scouting, from call sheets, to releases, and much more. We put all the right people and all the right gear in place for a successful shoot.


This is a favorite step in the process. It is where all of the elements come together. It takes creativity and technical craftsmanship to combine the music, shot footage, graphics, animation, narration, stock footage, and sound effects into a final product.  

The typical post-production workflow starts with a rough-cut of the video being posted on a review site for client comments followed by revisions and a fine cut is posted. The fine cut has all the sound editing, color correction, transitions, and visual and special effects in place as well as the pacing refined. The client reviews the fine cut and all revisions are made and a final cut is posted.  Any final changes are made and a finished cut is delivered. 

Delivery & Assessment

Posting your video is not the end of a project. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Google all have robust analytics for measuring the impact of your video. You can tell what demographic you are going well with, how many people are following up with your call to action, and A-B testing can show you what is working best. Information that will help you be more and more successful with each video.